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  • weBoost Drive Reach Mobile Signal Booster Kit | 470154R (Certified Refurbished)

    • Maximum Power for Remote Areas: Delivers the strongest signal allowed by the FCC, ensuring superior coverage even in very rural locations.
    • Works with All Major Carriers: Enhances voice and data signals across all major U.S. and Canadian networks.
    • Easy to Install and Move: Sets up quickly in any vehicle and can be moved between vehicles as needed, perfect for rural commuters and travelers
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  • weBoost 470144R Home MultiRoom Signal Booster (Certified Refurbished)

    • Better Signal in Multiple Rooms: Great for boosting cell service in part of your home, but not necessarily the whole house.
    • Looks Good in Your Home: Designed to blend in with your home decor and upgraded for better performance, even in remote areas.
    • Works with All Major Carriers: Enhances voice and data signals for all major carriers in North America, which means better calls and faster internet for you.
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  • weBoost 470166R Home Studio Signal Booster Kit (Certified Refurbished)

    • Cost-Effectiveness: The most affordable option, making it ideal for users who want a basic booster without a significant investment.
    • Compact Coverage: Best for very small areas like single rooms, ensuring that users who do not need extensive coverage aren’t paying for more than they need.
    • Simpler Setup: Typically involves fewer components and potentially simpler setup, catering to users who prefer minimal complexity in installation.
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  • weBoost 472120R Home Room Signal Booster Kit (Certified Refurbished)

    • Versatile Usage: More suitable for diverse settings beyond typical residential use, such as cabins, trailers, and small offices, which may require a robust design.
    • Coverage Flexibility: While primarily designed for small spaces, the Home Room can extend its coverage up to 1,500 sq ft under optimal conditions, offering more flexibility in slightly larger spaces.
    • Comprehensive Kit: Includes a panel antenna which can be more effective in certain installation scenarios, offering potentially better signal directionality and reception.
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  • weBoost 475021R Drive X Vehicle Signal Booster (Certified Refurbished)

    • Reliable Signal for Everyday Driving: Boosts cell reception effectively in most driving areas, keeping you connected.
    • Value-Driven Performance: Offers a great signal boost at an economical price.
    • Easy Install: Quickly setup in your vehicle and easily move as needed.
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