Marine Cell Phone Signal Boosters

Heading out on the water? Our marine signal boosters are perfect for keeping you connected, whether you’re at sea or on the lake.

  • Wilson Signal Booster Reach Extreme Marine Kit

    • Farthest Signal Reach: Boost your cell signal far from shore with a powerful uplink for clearer calls and faster data.
    • Marine-Tough Design: Comes with a sturdy marine antenna designed to handle any watercraft and tough marine conditions.
    • Multi-Device Connectivity: Enhances voice and data on 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, and 5G networks for multiple devices at once.
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  • Wilson Signal Booster X Marine Kit

    • Great Value: An affordable way to get better cell service when you’re not too far from shore.
    • Reliable Connectivity: Enhances cell service for all major networks, keeping every device connected without interruptions.
    • Easy for Everyone: Supports multiple devices simultaneously, perfect for ensuring that everyone on board can stay in touch.
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Guide to Cell Phone Signal Boosters for Boats and Marine Use

Heading out on the water often means dealing with weak or nonexistent cell service. Marine cell phone signal boosters are designed to ensure that you stay connected, enhancing safety and communication whether you're close to shore or far out at sea. With two types of amplifiers to choose from, based primarily on how far you plan to be from the nearest cell tower, these devices are essential for any marine travel.

What is a Marine Cell Phone Signal Booster?

A marine cell phone signal booster works by amplifying weak cellular signals received via a marine-grade external antenna. The system includes a marine antenna, signal amplifier, and an internal antenna that distributes the improved signal throughout the cabin.

Key Benefits for Marine Communication

  • Continuous Connectivity: Maintain reliable communication with the mainland, crucial for safety, weather updates, and staying in touch.
  • Improved Call and Data Quality: Experience clearer voice calls and faster data speeds, essential for effective communication and online services.
  • Designed for the Marine Environment: Built to withstand marine conditions, these boosters fit easily onto standard marine mounts.

Choosing the Right Booster for Your Boat

Your choice of booster should be guided by your typical distance from shore rather than the size of your vessel:

  1. Amplifier Strength:
    • Standard Power Amplifier: Best for those who travel closer or within sight of shore. This amplifier is capable of boosting moderately weak signals effectively.
    • High Power Amplifier: Ideal for voyages that take you further from land and cell towers. This option ensures that you can still catch and boost those faint signals when you're far from shore.

Installation Tips

  • External Antenna Placement:
    • Mount the marine antenna on a high point via a standard marine mount to maximize signal reception. Ideal locations include atop the cabin or on a mast.
  • Amplifier Setup:
    • Secure the amplifier in a protected, dry area within the boat to avoid moisture and ensure consistent operation.
  • Internal Antenna Configuration:
    • Position the internal antenna centrally within the cabin to spread the boosted signal effectively throughout the space.

Safety and Compliance

Ensure you select an FCC-approved booster, which meets all safety standards and prevents interference with other navigational equipment. Wilson Signal Booster only sells FCC-approved signal boosters.


A marine cell phone signal booster is a great system for anyone serious about marine safety and communication. By choosing the correct amplifier strength based on your distance from cellular towers, you can enhance your communication capabilities significantly. Whether you're cruising near the coast or exploring distant waters, a marine signal booster keeps you connected and secure.