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  • weBoost Office 200 Signal Booster (50 Ohm) | 472047

    From $1,699.99
    • Intuitive Touchscreen Control: Effortlessly manage settings and solve connectivity issues with the user-friendly LCD touchscreen. Built for strong performance with 50 Ohm technology.
    • Extensive Signal Coverage: Optimized for both large homes and offices, this booster delivers strong, reliable connections across vast areas.
    • Dependable for Critical Communications: Backed by a comprehensive three-year warranty, it offers reliability that professionals can trust in any operational environment.
    • Customizable Setup: Choose from a variety of indoor and outdoor antennas to perfectly match your specific signal needs and maximize effectiveness.
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  • weBoost Office 100 Signal Booster (50 Ohm) | 472060

    From $1,299.99
    • Professional Level: Boosts cell signals not only in offices but also in homes and cottages. Comes with a 3-year warranty and a lightning arrestor. Built with 50 Ohm technology for better performance.
    • Flexible Design: Comes with additional antenna options to better suit your specific space. Ideal for any size home or small business.
    • Works with All Carriers: Supports all major North American cell providers, keeping everyone connected no matter their network.
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  • weBoost Office 200 Signal Booster (75 Ohm) | 471047

    From $1,699.99
    • Intuitive Touchscreen: The LCD touchscreen simplifies settings adjustments and troubleshooting. Designed with 75 Ohm technology for specific installation requirements.
    • Broad Coverage: Provides consistent and reliable connections throughout large spaces, suitable for both homes and offices.
    • Reliable Performance: Comes with a three-year warranty, ensuring reliability for critical communications.
    • Custom Antenna Options: Offers multiple antenna choices to maximize signal effectiveness tailored to your environment.
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  • weBoost Office 100 Signal Booster (75 Ohm) | 473060

    From $1,299.99
    • Professional Quality: Enhances cell signals in various settings, including homes and cottages, with a durable design, 3-year warranty, and a lightning arrestor. Uses 75 Ohm technology for specific setups.
    • Flexible Coverage: Includes different antenna choices to customize to your area and boost signal power. Ideal for any home or small office.
    • Works with All Carriers: Compatible with all major North American cell providers, ensuring everyone stays connected
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