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SMB Connectors

Noun, Abbr.

SMB connector stands for SubMiniature version B connectors—a coaxial RF cable adapter available in either 50 or 75 Ohms, featuring a snap-on coupling system. SMB connectors are most commonly used in applications where quick mating for RF connectors is required and work well for frequencies from DC up to 4 GHz.

SMB male and female connectors

SMB male and female connectors

Unlike SMA connectors, SMB connectors do not require nut tightening when mating two connectors. The snap-on connection in SMB connectors uses contact through overlapping dielectric insulator structures for connectivity.

SMB connectors are not as robust as SMA connectors, but they are still handy in inter-board and assembly connections within equipment such as:

  • Antennas
  • Base stations
  • Radio boards
  • PC/LAN

Example of SMB Connectors in a sentence

"SMB connectors’ quick snap-on mating reduces installation time and makes them perfect for board-to-board connections."

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