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F Connectors


F connectors, or F-type connectors, are gendered, threaded coaxial connectors for radio frequency signals. They are referred to as gendered because they contain both male and female connectors, which mate using a 3/8-32 UNEF thread.

F connector cables typically carry analog signals and are commonly used to connect antennas, set-top boxes to TVs, and other video devices.

Standard and right-angle F connectors

Standard and right-angle F connectors

Female connectors can be identified by the external threads and receptacle or the center conductor. Male connectors are identified by the internal threads and center pin.

F connectors use compression to secure the cable adapter onto cables while keeping their shielding intact. They are most commonly used with RG-6 and RG-59 cables for satellite TV and cable modems.

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"F connectors are not weatherproof, so when used outside, a weather boot is used to provide extra protection from the elements."

Synonyms: F-type connectors

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