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SMA Connectors

Noun, Abbr.

SMA connector stands for SubMiniature version A connector—a semi-precision coaxial cable adapter with a screw-type connecting mechanism. The screw-type connector minimizes reflections and attenuation by ensuring constant, uniform contact, making it well-suited for working with microwave frequencies.

The connector has a 50 Ohm impedance and is extensively used in systems with frequencies up to 18 GHz, and sometimes even more. As such, SMA connectors are one of the most commonly used RF connectors with a wide array of applications, including antenna connections for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technologies.

SMA connectors come in two distinct configurations:

  • SMA Male Connector: The SMA male connector or SMA Plug is identifiable by a pin surrounded by a barrel with threads on the inside. It also features a hexagonal-shaped nut to help tighten or loosen the connector.
  • SMA Female Connector: Also referred to as the SMA Jack, the female SMA connector is identifiable by a receptacle surrounded by a barrel with threads on the outside.

In addition to these primary configurations, SMA connectors are also available in reversed polarity:

  • Reverse Polarity SMA Connectors (RP-SMA): RP-SMA refers to variations of the SMA connector with the interface genders reversed. The female RP-SMA connector has the same barrel surrounding it as the female SMA connector, except the center receptacle is replaced with a male pin. Similarly, an RP-SMA male connector has threads on the inside, but the male pin is replaced with a receptacle.
Male and female SMA and RP SMA connectors

Male and female SMA and RP SMA connectors

Example of SMA Connector in a sentence

"SMA connectors terminate all standard flexible coaxial, semi-rigid, and conformable cables."

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