Verizon Signal Boosters

If you’re experiencing poor cell phone reception, dead zones, and slow data, then you need a Verizon Signal Booster. A Verizon cell phone booster will receive a weak outside cellular signal, boost it up, and then distribute it to your Verizon Wireless cell phones, hotspots and other mobile devices.

Our Verizon signal boosters will work for all of Verizon Wireless’s networks, including 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE, as well as the other major carriers.

Want to learn more? Skip ahead to how cell phone signal boosters work, how you can improve your Verizon signal, or how a network extender compares to a signal booster, or shop our bestselling Verizon signal boosters below.

Bestselling Verizon Signal Booster for Single Rooms & Small Spaces in Your Home

If you only need to cover a small space in your home, like a desk in a home office, with better Verizon cell signal, then an entry level signal booster is going to be the most economical option for you.

Our bestselling signal booster for small spaces in your home is the weBoost Home 4G (470101). It's designed to receive an outside signal from either outside of your home, or if that is not possible, then from a nearby window that receives at least some cell signal, boost it up, and then broadcast the better cell signal to the area you need it most.

While the weBoost Home 4G may not put out as much cell signal as more expensive boosters, if you just need to cover a small space, then it's going to be a great option for you.

Bestselling Verizon Signal Booster for Small to Midsize Homes

If you're looking to cover your whole house, or a larger area within your house, with boosted Verizon signal and want to balance price and performance, then the weBoost Connect 4G (470103) is going to be the best option for you.

The weBoost Connect 4G features a powerful outside yagi antenna to pull in the strongest possible outside signal, which it then boosts and broadcasts inside of your house, to the whole house or the area that needs it most. The included RG6 coax cable (the same as cable TV) is easier to run through your house than our higher grade commercial cable options.

The Connect 4G works for all networks and all carriers simultaneously, and is our overall bestselling signal booster.

Bestselling Verizon Signal Booster for Large Homes

If you own a large home or if your outside cell signal is very weak, then you'll need the most powerful signal booster option available to maximize the amount of boosted signal that can be broadcast inside. We have two excellent options in this category.

The weBoost Connect 4G-X (471104) has the maximum gain (boosting power) allowed by the FCC for consumer signal boosters. It includes everything you need to boost as much signal as possible in your home.

The Wilson Pro 70 (465134) has everything that the weBoost Connect 4G-X has, and then a bit more. It includes a lightning protector for the amplifier, an additional year of equipment warranty for a total of 3 years, and an LCD display on the amplifier for easier installation and troubleshooting.

While the weBoost Connect 4G-X is the better known between the two, our signal experts overwhelmingly recommend the Wilson Pro 70 for the additional benefits that it provides. Call us today at 888-974-8237 to discuss how we can make the Wilson Pro 70 work for you.

Bestselling Verizon Signal Booster for Small Spaces in Your Business

If you need a reliable cell signal for voice calls and fast data at your small business, and are looking for an affordable option, then we have two great Verizon signal booster options for you.

The weBoost Connect 4G (470103) signal booster is going to be the most economically priced option for you, and will provide a great boost if you have a medium to strong outside cell signal.

If you have a somewhat larger space or the outside cell signal is weak, then you'll want a signal booster with more boosting power, so we would recommend the weBoost Connect 4G-X (471104). It has a stronger amplifier and better cable for more coverage inside of your business.

Both options boost all of the networks on Verizon Wireless and the other major carriers simultaneously, so any customers or clients will receive great signal on their mobile devices while at your business.

Bestselling Verizon Signal Booster for Medium Spaces in Your Business

If you have a medium sized area in your business that you need to cover with better signal, then we have two great options for you from our Professional series of signal boosters: the Wilson Pro 70 and the Wilson Pro 70 Plus.

The Wilson Pro 70 (465134) is the best option if you need as much boosting power as possible and have a weak to medium strength existing outside signal. You can maximize the inside coverage by adding additional antennas to the Pro 70 system or by using multiple systems in the same space.

The Wilson Pro 70 Plus is going to be the best option for you if you have a strong existing outside signal, as this amplifier can turn a strong outside signal into significantly more inside coverage, while the Wilson Pro 70 cannot. You can add additional antennas or use multiple systems together if you need more coverage than one system can provide.

While the standard signal booster kits are great starting points for boosting signal, a custom designed system using professional amplifiers, like the Pro 70 and Pro 70 Plus, is almost always a better option for maximimum coverage and effectiveness. Contact us today and one of our signal experts will work with you for a free custom system design.

Bestselling Verizon Signal Booster for Large Spaces in Your Business

If you have a very large space to fill with boosted signal, like an apartment complex, hotel, hospital, warehouse or manufacturing facility, then you'll need a custom designed system with enterprise level amplifiers that support hundreds of simulatenous users and are designed specifically for these types of situations.

The two bestselling enterprise amplifiers that we build all of our large customs sytems off of are the WilsonPro 1000 and the WilsonPro 4000. Both can handle any outside signal environment and can provide a significant amount of boosting power, especially when designed with Ultra low loss cables and high performance antennas and components. Both amplifiers are available in either wall mount (shown) and rack mount (WilsonPro 1000R and WilsonPro 4000R) versions.

In order to get the most out of these amplifiers, a custom system should be designed to ensure that the antennas are placed properly and the system is balanced for optimal coverage. Please contact us at your convenience to discuss your project and get started with a system design. We also offer installation services as well.

Bestselling Verizon Signal Booster for Machine to Machine (M2M)

If you have a device that requires cellular connectivity, like an ATM, vending machine, electronic gate or security camera, and need to provide it with stronger cell signal, then a direct-connect, machine to machine (M2M) signal booster is the solution for you.

The Wilson Signal 4G M2M Direct-Connect signal booster is an amplifier that supports the 2G, 3G and 4G LTE networks from Verizon and all of the other major carriers. It sits between the cellular antenna and your device, and boosts the cell signal in both directions, so you have much faster, reliable, and consistent data for your device.

The Wilson Signal 3G M2M Direct-Connect signal booster operates the same way as the 4G version, but only supports the 2G and 3G networks from Verizon Wireless and the other major carriers. If the device you're looking to boost does not support 4G LTE, then the Signal 3G is going to be a more economical option for you.

If you need to order a large number of Wilson Signal 4G or 3G M2M boosters, then please contact us for special bulk pricing.

Bestselling Verizon Signal Booster for Cars & Trucks

If you regularly travel in areas with dead spots and poor cell phone coverage, then the weBoost Drive 4G-X (470510) is the solution for you.

The Drive 4G-X will allow you to be as far as possible from the cell towers and still make & receive phone calls and have fast data. It's the most powerful mobile signal booster on the market and will boost the cell signal for multiple devices at the same time, though you might need to be fairly close to the inside antenna if the outside signal is very weak.

If you want better cell signal in your car or truck, then purchase the weBoost Drive 4G-X today.

Bestselling Verizon Signal Booster for RVs & Large Vehicles

If you need better cell signal in a large vehicle, like an RV, van or ambulance, then we have two solutions for you: the Wilson Signal Booster 4G Extreme RV kit and the eqo 4G RV signal booster kit. i

The Wilson Signal Booster 4G Extreme RV signal booster uses the Drive 4G-X amplifier, which is the most powerful mobile amp on the market, and a strong spring mount outside antenna to create the best RV booster for use while both moving and stopped. If you need a solution that you can use while traveling but also when you're parked at night, then this is it.

The eqo 4G RV signal booster is going to be a better option if you just need a signal booster for use while you're parked and not moving. It has a more powerful building amplifier that will provide you with significantly more coverage in your RV or large vehicle, but is not technically allowed to be used while driving or in motion.

Bestselling Verizon Signal Booster for Boats & Marine Craft

If you want to extend the range of your Verizon cell phone (and any other carrier) to allow you to be as far from the shore as possible while on your boat or marine craft, then the Wilson Signal Booster 4G Extreme Marine Kit is going to be the solution for you.

The Wilson Signal Booster 4G Extreme signal booster uses the Drive 4G-X amplifier, which is the strongest mobile amplifier on the market, and a high powered 4G marine antenna with a marine mount to create the ideal marine signal booster solution.

Mount the marine antenna as high up on the boat as possible, and then locate the amplifier and inside antenna in the cabin, and you should be able to receive fast data speeds and voice calls much further from shore than previously possible.

Bestselling Verizon Cradle Signal Booster

If you're looking for an economical mobile signal booster and only need to boost one mobile device at a time, then a cradle signal booster is going to be a great option for you.

The weBoost Drive 4G-S (470107) is our best selling cradle signal booster for Verizon Wireless and the other major carriers in the United States and Canada. Simply attach the outside magnet mount antenna and then place your phone or mobile device in the cradle, and you'll automatically start receiving boosted signal to the phone.

Please note: You will need to use the phone with speaker phone or a bluetooth headset, as the phone needs to sit in the cradle at all times to receive boosted signal.

Do Cell Phone Boosters Really Work?

Absolutely. Cell phone signal boosters, sometimes called amplifiers or repeaters, take a weak signal outside of your building or vehicle, boost it, and then send a strong signal to your desired area. Sometimes that new signal can be thirty two times stronger than it previously was. Signal boosters also work in reverse: they take the signal from your phone, amplify it, and then transmit a significantly stronger signal back to the cell tower.

Even if you use Verizon, the boosters we sell work with all major carriers, which means if a friend who is a Sprint user comes to visit you, they’ll still get the benefits of your home cell phone booster.

Cell phone repeaters are not stickers or apps that make false promises about boosting signal for everyone.

If you’re worried about scams, the FCC and all of the major carriers (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and US Cellular) have certified all cell phone signal boosters on the market since 2014, which involved testing them, proving they work and that they are safe to operate. You can read the Verizon Carrier Approval letter for more details on that. In Canada, they have been certified by the Industry Canada (IC).

Our products come with a 30 day money back guarantee, a two equipment warranty for weBoost products or a three year equipment warranty for Wilson Pro, and a lifetime of tech support, to ensure that your booster will work and solve your signal problems.

How Can I Improve My Verizon Signal?

Make sure your phone’s software is updated. It’s a good idea to update your phone every time it prompts you. If you haven’t updated in a while, it might be a good idea to manually check. Carrier settings, for example, often involve things like cellular data, personal hotspots, and voicemail settings.

If you’re using an Apple phone, go to Settings > General > About. Your phone will automatically check to see if you need a carrier update. If it doesn’t prompt you, you don’t need an update.

If you’re using an Android, by going to System > Systems Update. You should also do a Preferred Roaming List (PRL) update every three months and every time you switch plans.

Check to see if there’s an outage. Verizon shows a map where people report any problems.

Rearrange your space. If you’re struggling with signal inside a building, sometimes moving things around can improve signal. Metal filing cabinets, for example, can block signal.

Go up a floor. Sometimes signal is better on the second floor of a house. Signal also tends to be poor in basements, so sometimes even moving to the ground floor can improve your signal.

Go outside. Cinderblocks, steel, brick, and concrete often block signal. A vehicle’s metal body and tinted glass often weakens signal too.

Find out where your nearest tower is (and orient yourself closer). Enter your location into CellReception to see a list of all the towers in your town.

Buy a cell signal booster. They can significantly improve your signal.

How Do I Check My Verizon Signal?

One of the most important details to remember is this: The bars on your cell phone screen take into account other things besides just signal strength, including the load on the tower, quality of the signal, and other variables.

The most accurate way to check your signal strength is through decibels, often written as dB or dBm. Most devices display the decibel reading with a negative sign, such as -70 dB. The lower the dB, the stronger your signal. A home with -80 dB signal has a stronger signal than -100 dB. Generally, areas with 2G or 3G signal of -50 dB are about as strong as you'll ever see, while anything past -100 dB is considered weak. If you're taking a reading for the 4G LTE network, then a strong signal will be around -70 dB and a weak signal closer to -120 dB.

Unfortunately, if you have an iPhone with the newest version of the iOS software, there is no way to toggle the decibel reading instead of your bars, so you'll have to use the bar reading. If you have an android phone, then there are a number of android apps that you can use to show the decibel strength of your current Verizon signal.

How Do I Find A Reliable Verizon Signal Map?

Verizon wireless has an interactive coverage map that you can use to see if your location should have coverage. OpenSignal has a number of comprehensive signal maps for all major US carriers, including a Verizon map.

I’ve Heard That Verizon Offers 3G Wireless Network Extenders and 4G LTE Network Extenders. Why Can’t I Just Use One of Those?

A Verizon network extender, sometimes called a microcell or femtocell, works by creating a small cellular signal in your home and then sending all of your cellular traffic over your broadband Internet connection, instead of the actual cellular network. They are a great option if you have a quality broadband internet connection (unfortunately, satellite internet will not work) and no existing outside cell signal. This is different than how cell phone signal boosters work, and as such, the have some downsides that you should consider.

Network extenders have handoff issues. A handoff is when a phone switches from one tower to another. Most of the time your phone does this without interrupting your service, but when you're entering a home that has a network extender, the tower isn't able to handoff your call to the extender, resulting in a dropped call. A network extender also has some difficulty handing off to a tower when you're leaving the home, again resulting in call issues.

The quality of your internet connection is going to be important when using an network extender. You must have a fast, wired internet connection in order for the extender to work properly. Satellite internet will unfortunately not work with a network extender. You also must locate a GPS receive near a window for the extender to work properly.

Additionally, they don’t always have the best security. While you can set up your extender to prioritize certain devices, a neighbor that was close enough to your home could access your extender.

In 2013, two security experts hacked a Verizon extender and were able to spy on Verizon customers using the network extender. Verizon claimed they updated their software, but security experts believe there are a number of different ways that they could still be exploited.