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A repeater is a network device that receives signals, amplifies them, and then retransmits them. Repeaters are used to extend a signal's coverage over long distances or to bypass obstructions.

They are incorporated into a network to expand coverage beyond what the original signal would be capable of delivering. They do this by boosting weak signals and servicing remote nodes.

Repeaters work by amplifying the input signal to a higher frequency domain to make it reusable and scalable. Some digital repeaters can even reconstruct signals distorted by transmission loss.

There are different types of repeaters, including:

  • Analog repeaters: can only amplify analog signals.
  • Digital repeaters: can reconstruct distorted signals.
  • Wired repeaters: used on wired LANs.
  • Wireless repeaters: used in wireless LANs and cellular networks.

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Example of Repeater in a sentence

"Repeaters are a simple yet effective way to easily extend the coverage area of networks."

Synonyms: signal booster

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