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Dome Antenna


Dome antennas are ceiling-mounted, omni-directional antennas, designed to enhance your phone's ability to access a network signal. They broadcast amplified signals in all directions horizontally, with the beam almost like a half sphere.

As such, dome antennas need to be placed centrally to the coverage area you wish to enhance, like in the middle of a room, or a central location in your house.

Depending on the reception quality in your area, you can get up to 50 feet of coverage from a dome antenna. But areas with poor cellular service may experience much less coverage.

A dome antenna can provide improved 4G LTE and 5G signals in ideal conditions - low ceilings with minimal interference. However, a dome antenna might not be ideal for you if you have high ceilings (30 feet or higher) and numerous walls.

Dome Antenna

WilsonPro Low-Profile Dome Antenna with Reflector

Note: Dome antennas can be hard to mount since they require access to a crawl space or attic for installation. This is why they are more commonly used in professional installations in single-story homes or multi-story homes with drop ceilings.

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