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Directional Antenna


A directional or beam antenna radiates or receives power in one or more directions, thereby increasing performance and reducing interference. It can also focus its transmitting power in one direction to optimize signal strength and minimize loss.

These features make directional antennas ideal for use in areas with considerable interference. Great examples of directional antennas include log periodic and corner reflector antennas.

A log periodic directional antenna

A log periodic directional antenna

Log periodic, and corner reflectors are sometimes combined and sold as TV antennas for residential areas. Cellular repeaters use external directional antennas to provide greater signal reception than would be possible from an omnidirectional antenna.

Note: Directional antennas are most effective when facing the nearest source of the target signal with the least obstructions and interference. Survey the area of installation for obstructions and sources of interference before installation.

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Example of Directional Antenna in a sentence 

"A directional antenna works much like a flashlight—focusing its signal towards a specific direction."

Synonyms: beam antenna

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