Verizon Cell Booster for Home: 4 Reasons You Need One

Verizon Cell Booster for Home: 4 Reasons You Need One

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Are you tired of missed calls and dropped internet connections? Despite technological advancements, cell phone coverage can still be unreliable due to a variety of reasons, ranging from the distance to the nearest cell tower to building materials that block signal strength. But don't worry - in this article, we'll introduce you to the world of Verizon cell phone boosters and explain how they can help you get reliable coverage in your home.

We're going to cover the 4 main reasons why you should consider installing a cell phone signal booster for Verizon in your home and hopefully answer any questions you might have about boosters, so sit back, relax, and get ready to learn all about how cell phone boosters can transform your connection experience.

1. Eliminate Cell Signal Dead Zones

How to boost signal

It’s frustrating to have to go outside every time you want to make a phone call. Cell signal dead zones are a major cause of dropped calls and other cell reception issues, and even the fringes of a dead zone can cause cell signal to fluctuate in strength and quality.

Wi-Fi calling can help if you have a reliable broadband connection, but most people want a solution that allows them to use their phone like normal.

If you don’t have a broadband connection in your home, then you probably depend on your cellular connection even more, especially if you use 4G LTE or 5G for data. That makes it even more important to have a strong and stable cell phone signal in every part of your home. 

A Verizon cell booster for home use will improve phone signal strength and quality in your house, as long as there is a small amount of usable signal outside where you'll mount the donor antenna. The larger your house is, the more powerful of a booster you'll need to provide coverage throughout.

Here’s a breakdown of several Wilson signal boosters designed for home use and their suitability for small, medium, or large homes.

Verizon Cell Booster Model Maximum Coverage Based on Existing Signal Strength Price
weBoost Home MultiRoom (470144)
  • 5,000 sq ft with a strong outside signal (5 bars)
  • 3,500 sq ft with a medium outside signal (3 or 4 bars)
  • 1,000 sq ft with a weak outside signal (1 or 2 bars)
$569.99 MSRP
weBoost 100 Signal Booster (472060)
  • 15,000 sq ft with a strong outside signal (5 bars)
  • 5,000 sq ft with a medium outside signal (3 or 4 bars)
  • 2,000 sq ft with a weak outside signal (1 or 2 bars)
Starts at $1,299.99 MSRP

weBoost Installed Home Complete (474445)

Includes professional installation in your home.

  • 7,500 sq ft with a strong outside signal (5 bars)
  • 4,000 sq ft with a medium outside signal (3 or 4 bars)
  • 2,000 sq ft with a weak outside signal (1 or 2 bars)
$1,299.99 MSRP

It's worth keeping in mind that the construction of the internal walls and floors of your home will impact how much coverage a signal booster can provide. Concrete, rock, and metal, among other materials, prevent cell signal from easily flowing through, so the amount of coverage will be reduced if your home uses a lot of these materials internally. Every booster uses a cable to circumvent the outside walls of the home, so the material that the external walls are made of does not actually impact the signal booster coverage.

It's also possible that signal interference from other electronic devices can also reduce signal quality inside of your home. For example, a freezer, microwave, or even a rogue beer fridge can cause electronic noise that interferes with cell phone signals. It's not likely, but it has happened before.

The best way to have a Verizon signal booster installed in your home is to have it professionally installed. An installer will be able to use tools, like a cellular signal meter, to determine the best locations for antennas and make sure that the installed solution has the best coverage possible.

Homeowners can definitely install a booster themselves, but it may take a bit more time and testing to make sure it's up to the level that you would like.

2. Enjoy Fast Data Speeds for Work and Entertainment

CBS examines rural internet connectivity problems


CBS is accurate when they say that high-speed internet in rural areas is a luxury. According to statistics, only 22% of Americans in rural areas and 27% in tribal lands have high-speed internet access (25 Mbps downlink, 3 Mbps uplink minimum).

Recent shifts towards online learning and remote work underscore the importance of strong internet connectivity. So much so, that high-speed internet is now said to be the fourth utility after electricity, water, and gas.

Unfortunately, broadband internet is most prevalent in urban and suburban areas, with only a few alternatives for people in rural areas. One option for broadband data is to use a cellular connection with a hotspot or cellular router to provide fast internet to your home. The challenge is that many rural areas have cellular coverage that is weak or unreliable, which prevents reliable broadband speeds. A cell phone signal booster can solve both of these problems and allow rural residents to have fast data over cellular. 

5G is the newest cellular technology and focuses on significantly improved data speeds, capacity and low latency (delays between sending and receiving data). It can provide fast and consistent network coverage, as long as you're able to receive it from a nearby tower. It will further allow people to work and learn from home or wherever they find themselves outside of the office.

Verizon Signal Boosting Banner

Whether you’re working from home or have children studying online, a Verizon signal booster can help make fast internet a reality, wherever you are.

Verizon has some of the best 5G coverage in the US, including in rural areas. With a cell booster in your home, you can take advantage of the network’s almost-universal coverage to give yourself peace of mind, no matter where you live.

The only thing a signal booster cannot do is to create signal out of nothing, so you have to have a small amount of existing cell signal for the repeater to amplify.  If you find yourself in a situation where you don't have any signal at all, then you may have to invest in a satellite-based solution, like HughesNet or Elon Musk’s Starlink. 

However, if you have an existing phone signal outside, a cell phone repeater can help you boost it enough to enjoy fast data speeds and reliable calls. There are several ways this can happen:

  • The cell phone booster can be elevated above your home to avoid interference from trees, hills, and other terrain features.
  • A cell phone booster helps to clean up cell signals by targeting a single cell tower instead and avoiding the noise created by overlapping towers.
  • A good cell phone booster increases signal strength by several magnitudes so that phones in the area can pick it up easily.

With the right Verizon cell repeater, even the most isolated rural home can become an effective work from home office where you can be productive.

3. No More Signal Interruptions or Downtime

Rural signal boosting

There are places where you can only make calls or surf the internet when the conditions are perfect.  If the weather changes, you all of a sudden can’t receive calls or send a text message.

This is not an isolated problem and can have many causes, including:

  • Network overload, especially at peak usage (evenings and weekends)
  • Weak signal due to distance from the cell tower or interference
  • Weather—wind, rain, snow, lightning, and even solar flares can disrupt cell signals
  • Battery power, damaged phone, or signal dead zones

Did you know that the number of signal bars is not an accurate indicator of cell signal strength? In fact, the number of bars shown can change depending on the load on the nearby towers, quality of the incoming signal, and type of network that you're on. 

A more accurate way to check phone signal strength and quality is to put your phone in test mode, as shown in the video below.

How to check cell signal quality


Your phone measures signal strength by units called decibel milliwatts (or dBm). Phones express this as a negative number, such as -85 dBm. The lower the number (closer to 0), the stronger the signal you’re getting.

In this case, an excellent signal (5 bars) is -50 dBm to -64 dBm, a good signal is -65 dBm to -85 dBm, and anything below that is considered a weak signal. However, these values can change depending on whether you’re on 3G, 4G LTE, or 5G.

What’s important to know is that each -3 dBm gain doubles your phone’s signal strength. If your Verizon signal booster improves your indoor coverage from -100 dBm to -80 dBm, your phone signal improves at least 60x.

This can mean the difference between not being able to make a phone call to comfortably surfing the internet.  That’s a huge improvement in every way!

Expert Tip: Always test your outside signal strength before buying a cell phone signal booster. Better still, get a professional to test it for you using a signal meter to ensure the booster will work for you.

4. Safety, Security, and Peace of Mind

The latest iPhones and smart wearables can detect a fall or crash, automatically call for help, and provide emergency services with your GPS location. This amazing feature has already saved lives

Even without such advanced technology, the ability to contact emergency services quickly and reliably can be critical. 

From being able to search the internet for quick medical information to being able to call 911, phones can save lives and prevent property loss.

Verizon boasts 94.4% coverage, but many homes still suffer from weak signal. If your signal strength is lower than -100 dBm, it’s likely that you're having cell signal troubles. That’s why a Verizon cell booster for home is an important investment.

Even if you have a weak outside signal, a Wilson Signal Booster will instantly improve your phone calls, texts, and internet usage.

"I can now use my cell phone in my home instead of driving 5 miles west to get decent service.." Lee, Yuma County, Arizona

Emergencies aside, a strong connection can instantly improve your quality of life. Strong cellular connectivity opens up the world to new opportunities and social interactions for farmers, school children, and anyone else living in isolated areas.

Enjoy True Freedom With a Wilson Verizon Signal Booster

You don’t have to walk outside or drive miles to access the internet or make phone calls. You can get a Verizon signal booster that will cover a room or two in your home for less than $400. or you can get a whole home solution that can range between $569.99 to $1,299.99, depending on your existing outside signal strength, home size & construction, and areas that need coverage.

If you’re like most people, you spend most of your time at home, which is where you need the best cellular connection. True freedom comes from being able to access the rest of the world at any time, anywhere.

Best of all, our signal boosters will automatically boost all of the other carriers while improving your Verizon signal, so everyone in your home will benefit, irrespective of their carrier. Explore our signal boosters for homes today and stop worrying about cell signal problems at home.