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A tapper is a device used to asymmetrically split high-power cellular signals based on fixed ratios (split ratio), which range from 2:1 to 1000:1. The split ratio is determined by specific application and the power of the signal.

Wilson -10 dB Tapper

Wilson -10 dB Tapper

Tappers have a wide range of applications, including LTE, Private Mobile Radio (PMR), Wi-Fi, and the setup of Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS).

Tappers share some similarities with directional couplers. However, they are fundamentally different in that:

  • Tappers are much less expensive than directional couplers.
  • Tappers have a wide operating frequency range.
  • Tappers do not offer isolation between ports.
  • Tappers are not directional.

Example of Tapper in a sentence

"Tappers are not directional, they couple the same amount of forward and reverse signal."

Synonyms: signal samplers, unequal power splitters/dividers

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