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The RG-11 is a type of coaxial cable commonly used in the wiring up of amplifiers, AV systems, CCTVs, and cell phone signal boosters. It’s mainly used in outdoor applications due to its robust construction, which can withstand outdoor conditions.

The cable works best in applications that require long cable runs due to its low attenuation or when it needs to be buried. It may also be used in indoor applications; however, the installation will be difficult because of its weight and lack of flexibility.

This rugged, hard-wearing construction and low attenuation come at a price though. RG-11 cables are built to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, but this makes them more expensive and their installation more difficult.

Here’s a quick table breakdown of some of the RG-11 Cable’s key features:

Feature Value
Cable Thickness 0.75 inches
Impedance 75 Ohms
Attenuation at 1000 MHz 4.23 dB/100 ft
Center conductor 14 AWG

Example of RG-11 in a sentence

"While the RG-11 cable provides high speeds and low signal loss, it lacks the flexibility needed for casual use."

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