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Gain refers to the ability of an amplifier to increase the power of a signal from its input to output ports by adding energy to the signal. It also refers to the increase in signal strength provided by a cell phone signal booster.

Gain is a unitless measurement, but it can be expressed as a ratio of the signal's power at the input to output ports and is denoted in decibels (dB).

Following this description, the higher the gain, the stronger the signal, and the better the performance of your cell phone signal booster. For example, if you have a weak signal and install a 10 dB signal booster, the device will amplify that weak signal by 10 dB, increasing its strength by ten times. This would give you a stronger, more reliable signal, better call quality, and faster internet access.

However, gain is not a fix-all solution for all your cell phone signal problems. Sometimes, a high-gain amplifier may also enhance noise and interference, causing further signal degradation.

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Example of Gain in a sentence

"Gain is a key performance metric in electric devices that transmit signals."

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