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Cradle Antenna


A cradle antenna is a type of mobile antenna that is typically used in your vehicle to broadcast signal directly to your phone. The term cradle refers to the mounting design of this antenna—it “cradles” your phone for easy, hands-free access.

Cradle Antenna

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Smartphones don’t have external antenna ports, so a cradle antenna is used to provide boosted signal to the phone's internal antenna.

Connecting your phone to a cradle antenna works similarly to connecting two antennas on top of each other. Each antenna passes cell signal back and forth as the phone is receiving and sending calls & data.

Some cradles have a signal amplifier built-in and others connect to an amplifier via a coaxial cable.

Example of Cradle Antenna in a sentence

"A cradle antenna is one of the most essential tools a trucker needs to stay connected as they drive across the country."

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