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Voice Over LTE (VoLTE)


Voice over LTE (VoLTE) is a wireless communications standard that allows for voice to transmit over the 4G LTE network. Before VoLTE, 4G was limited to internet access and messaging. However, when you received a call, your cell phone would automatically switch to older 2G or 3G signals to transmit voice.

These older signals do not support simultaneous service access for voice and other mobile services. For instance, you may have noticed that while on a call over 2G, any incoming texts during the call will arrive only after the call ends.

VoLTE supports simultaneous access to both voice calls and data. Texts arrive immediately, and you can still access internet services during calls. It also offers improved call quality, with high-definition audio and reduced background noise.

Boost Your 4G Signal to Enjoy VoLTE

Example of Voice Over LTE in a sentence:

"Your phone must be 4G compatible and connected to a 4G LTE network to use VoLTE."

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