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Panel Antenna


A panel antenna is a directional antenna most commonly used to receive radio frequency connections.

The panel antenna designs originate from military technology, and they use waveguide technology to focus inbound and outbound radio signals by concentrating their energy.

But unlike other directional antennas like the Yagi antenna, a panel antenna has a wide beam, allowing its signal to cover a larger area while maintaining high gain.

They are so-called because they are shaped like a panel that’s connected to a mounting bracket for easy installation. They can also be mounted on a swivel to allow users to better position the antenna for maximum signal strength.

WIlson Panel Antenna

Wilson Pole Mount Outside Panel Antenna

Panel antennas increase the range and capability of a wireless network across different applications. In ideal conditions, a panel antenna can extend a wireless network's connectivity by up to 10 miles.

Also, panel antennas are built for both indoor and outdoor use. They typically feature hard-wearing, corrosion-resistant material like polycarbonate in their construction to ensure they can withstand the elements.

Example of Panel Antenna in a sentence

"Panel antennas are a great option for improving wireless connectivity both indoors and outdoors."

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