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Cell ID


Cell ID, also known as GSM Cell ID (CID), refers to a unique number used to identify every cell tower in a GSM network. When using your cell phone, it communicates with the nearest cell tower to send and receive signals.

Cell ID is the unique number assigned to each cell tower by a mobile service provider. It helps them identify which tower your mobile device is connected to at any given time.

Cell ID also plays a critical role when using cell phone signal boosters since they can only amplify a signal from a specific tower. When you know the Cell ID of the tower your phone is connected to, it’s easier to ensure that your booster amplifies the correct signal.

To establish your cell tower’s Cell ID, you can use apps such as OpenSignal or CellMapper.

Example of Cell ID in a sentence

"Cell ID forms the basis for location services in cellular communication systems like GSM networks."

Synonyms: GSM Cell ID

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