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Wilson RG11 Premium Low Loss Cable

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Product Details

Premium low loss RG-11 cable from Wilson Electronics that provides less signal loss than RG6 over the equivalent distance.

If you need to make longer cable runs with your 75 ohm signal booster or have less signal loss for the same length of cable, then upgrading to RG11 cable is going to be the solution for you. The signal loss for RG11 is around -3.9 dB on the low frequencies, -6.36 dB on the high frequencies for distances of 100 ft.

Terminated and Bulk Cable Options:

  • All of the cables up to 100 ft are black and terminated on both ends with F-Male connectors.
  • The 500 ft cable option is an unterminated spool of RG11 cable, so it will require additional connectors and tools to cut and terminate. This is typically only used by professional installers.

Please Note: All cable has some signal loss, so the longer the cable, the more signal loss you'll experience. If you have a weak existing outside signal and you’re using this cable to connect the outside antenna to the amplifier, we highly recommend using the 50 ft RG-11 cable to maximize your inside coverage. If you require a longer cable, the 100 ft may work, but the additional signal loss will impact the amount of coverage that the booster can provide. Please contact us if you have questions about your specific situation.

Additional Info
Additional Info
Manufacturer Wilson Electronics
Color Black
Cable Type RG11