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Cell Phone Signal Boosters

Cell Phone Signal Boosters - The Ultimate Guide

What is a Cell Phone Signal Booster?

A cell phone signal booster is a system of antennas, cables and an amplifier that takes the existing outside cellular signal, brings it inside the building or vehicle, amplifies it, and then broadcasts it to the space that needs better signal. Most modern day cell phone signal boosters will amplify all of the networks from the major cell carriers in North America, so you get better voice calls, faster data speeds, and no dead zones.

Most cell phone signal boosters have an outside antenna that receives the outside signal, though some newer ones have antennas that sit in a window instead. A cable is then run from that antenna to a signal amplifier, often called a cell phone signal booster or cellular repeater, which increases the strength of the signal dramatically, and then another cable runs from the amplifier to an inside antenna, which is what distributes the boosted signal out.

The one thing to keep in mind about a cell phone signal booster is that in order for it to work, it does require at least a small amount of cell signal in the location outside where the outside antenna is located. A signal booster is not able to create it's own signal, so it needs at least a little bit that it can amplify up to a usable level.

s long as you have some at least a little cell signal in your area, then a cell phone signal booster should work for you.

Types of Signal Boosters

There are different types of cell phone signal boosters designed to solve different situations.

Cell Phone Signal Boosters for Cars

Signal boosters for cars, trucks, RVs and marine are all designed to be used while both stopped and in motion. As such, their boosting power is capped at 50 decibels, to prevent interference with other mobile devices in nearby vehicles while in transit. They use an omnidirectional outside antenna, which means it can send and receive in all directions, to be able to communicate with the ever changing cell tower locations.

Cell Phone Signal Boosters for Homes

Cell phone boosters for homes are designed to be permanently installed in a home, cottage, cabin, guest house, etc. with an antenna on the roof and high grade cable running inside to the signal amplifier and inside antenna. These signal boosters come in different amplifying powers, so you are able to choose the right size for the inside area that you need to cover with boosted signal.

There is an entry level type of cell hone signal booster for home that uses a window mount antenna instead of an outside antenna on the roof, to solve for the situation where some people are not able to mount an antenna outside (such as in apartments, highrises, etc.)

Cell Phone Signal Boosters for Businesses and Commercial Applications

The large building signal booster is designed for high capacity commercial applications, like an office building, manufacturing plant, warehouse, or public venue. This type of cell phone signal booster is also called a passive DAS (Distributed Antenna System) solution and can involve very high grade components and a network of internal antennas, along with a high capacity commercial signal amplifier. This type of signal booster solution requires an initial site survey, expert system design and professional installation to be effective.

How to Choose the Right Cell Phone Signal Booster

Vehicle Cell Phone Signal Booster

When choosing a cell phone signal booster for your car, truck, RV or marine vehicle, you want to make sure you get the signal booster with the most powerful uplink back to the tower. That will enable you to be as far as possible from the cell towers without dropping a call. As long as it's a 50 db amplifier with the maximum uplink, you should be all set.

Cell Phone Signal Boosters for Homes

Choosing a cell phone booster for your home is a little more tricky, in that you need to measure the initial outside cell signal, and then choose the booster that has sufficient amplifying power to boost the signal enough to cover the inside of the home. For example: If you have 2 bars of signal outside your home and needed to cover 2,000 sq ft, then you would need one of the strongest cell phone signal boosters available, such as the weBoost Connect 4G-X signal booster. If you had 4 bars outside, then the weBoost Connect 4G signal booster would work for you.

Please feel free to use the product selector at the bottom of the page to help you select the right booster for your needs or contact us for assistance.

Cell Phone Signal Boosters for Businesses and Commercial Applications

Commercial signal booster solutions require an on-site visit to accurately evaluate the outside signal environment and the inside area that needs signal, before an RF engineer can design a system and recommend a passive DAS signal booster solution.

You can find out more about our custom signal booster system design service or contact us for additional information.

Need Help Choosing?

It can be a bit challenging to figure out the best cell phone signal booster for your situation, so we've created a signal booster product wizard to walk you through a series of questions and determine what is the best option for you. Try it out below.

In addition, we have signal booster experts standing by who are happy talk with you about your situation and come up with the best possible solution. Please feel free to call us at 888-974-8237 or contact us at your convenience.