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  • weBoost - Wilson Electronics is Changing its Name

    After decades of doing business as Wilson Electronics, the manufacturer of cell phone signal boosters and accessories is changing their name to weBoost, and are releasing all new weBoost cell phone signal boosters that sport a new black and red color scheme. The announcement was made at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show, where the company featured a weBoost branded booth complete with the new weBoost branded products.
  • Rogue Beer Fridge Causes Cell Phone Interference

    The cell carrier Telstra in Australia has developed a sophisticated program that crawls the logs of all performance problems recorded on the Telstra network in search of issues. When it finds one, it's generally either caused internally by the infrastructure due to aging cables or a bad connection or it's an external source that happens to be causing radio interference in the same frequency range that Telstra's network operates.
  • Q&A Friday: Do I really need to support 4G LTE?

    The short answer is that you may not need to support 4G LTE yet, but it also may make sense to invest in a system that will work for you in the future when you likely will need 4G LTE. For the long answer, read on! LTE is currently used for fast Internet and data access. None of the major carriers currently use their 4G LTE network for phone calls. So when talking to people about which signal booster would work best for them, we only recommend a booster that supports 4G LTE plus the previous 2G and 3G networks and only if they know they already want to support LTE or if they use the cellular networks as their primary source of Internet access. However, this is starting to change.
  • Sprint Shutting Down iDEN To Make Room For LTE

    Sprint has been planning to shut down its aging iDEN/Nextel network this summer and we now know exactly when it will happen. June 29th, 2013 will be the last full day of iDEN service and starting on June 30th, network technicians will begin shutting down the service and anyone with an iDEN phone will stop receiving voice and data service, including emergency calls to 911. If you still have an iDEN phone on the Nextel network, now is definitely the time to upgrade a new service!
  • In Case Of Emergency, Can You Call For Help?

    Like many things in life, we only come to fully appreciate something once we no longer have it. With that in mind, I wanted to share an experience in the hope that it may help someone else out in the future. In late 2012, our company had an office an Manhattan and toward the end of October, we started hearing about a new hurricane that was expected to travel up the Atlantic Seaboard. Some of our employees, including myself, lived in mandatory evacuation zones and left the city ahead of the store. Others weren't required to evacuate and decided to stay behind and ride it out.
  • Welcome to the Wilson Signal Booster Blog

    Welcome to new blog for Wilson Signal Booster. We'll be posting new and interesting articles here that relate to the cell phone industry including everything that's new in the world of Cell Phone Signal Boosters and if the carriers are up to anything interesting!

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